12 Things You Didn't Know About Kingpin

Looking at one of the most monstrous villains in comic book history... the Kingpin of Crime.

Marvel Comics

Since 1966, the self-titled Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, has been making life hell for the superheroes of New York. At first, the towering gangster may have come across as just another goon for Spider-Man to fight, but when Frank Miller wrote for Daredevil during the 1980s, he reinvigorated Wilson Fisk as a truly terrifying figure, turning him into one of the most popular supervillains in Marvel Comics.

Kingpin clearly has left his mark on television and the big screen as well as comics. In recent years, he has been the main villain of the Netflix series, Daredevil, and the astounding animated film, Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse.

Because the character has never been more popular, now seems like a perfect time to take a closer look at Wilson Fisk. We will be delving into every facet of Fisk; his most ruthless moments, the inspiration for the character, and some misconceptions about Marvel's most famous Kingpin of Crime.

All go some way in illustrating the significance and notoriety the character possesses, whether he's fighting off everyone's favourite friendly neighbourhood web-slinger, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, or the countless other heroes situated within New York City...


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