12 Times Venom INFECTED Superheroes

11. Captain America

Captain America Venom
Marvel Comics

Captain America has actually been Venomised more than once. First, in the Age Of Apocalypse alternate timeline, Weapon Omega (Wolverine's title after he took on Apocalypse's powers) set up his own super team called the Black Legion, which included mashups like Iron Ghost (Iron Man and Ghost Rider), Grimm Chamber (The Thing and Chamber), White Cloak (Cloak and Dagger combined) and the Orange Hulk.

The only unnamed member of that team was the blend of Captain America and Venom who was shown (and looked incredibly cool). The team proved short-lived and nothing happened with this Venom Cap beyond his brief appearance, but it's still committed to page.

And then there's the Venomverse prelude - Edge Of Venomverse - which introduced an infected Cap as one of the Symbiote's recruiters who travelled through dimensions to find additions to Venom's army against the Poisons. He didn't have quite as cool a look as the Black Legion version, sadly...

Venom Captain America Venomverse Suit
Marvel Comics
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