15 Best Individual Cosplayers From MCM London Comic Con

We went to London's MCM Comic Con and bothered strangers for pictures, so you didn't have to!


Last weekend we were fortunate enough to be allowed special access into London's MCM Comic Con and immediately decided to take advantage of this by cornering every unsuspecting cosplayer and repeatedly poking them until they relented to our endless requests for pictures.

There were thousands of talented cosplayers at MCM London - which is unsurprising when you take into account that the con topped 130,000 individual guests - but we managed to trim the impressive roster down to just 15 cosplayers.

We spent over 24 combined hours tracking down all these cosplayers and bothering them for pictures, but in cutting this list down to only 15 we had to cut a lot of very talented and lovely people from it. If you want to check out who didn't make the cut or maybe you just want to follow the page we made on Instagram (and will literally never update ever again) feel free to check out the page we made just for that purpose here.

Otherwise, feel free to sit back and look at our choices for the best cosplayers at MCM London from the comfort of your own home, instead of having to brave the downright arctic British weather - and feel free to follow all the cosplayers we tagged in the posts!


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