15 DC Comics Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die

If you're looking for some top DC stories, you've come to the right place.

dc comics

These days, DC heroes enjoy a higher profile than they ever have before thanks to their transition to the big and small screens. The success of DC’s movie and TV universes has exposed fans to not just the adventures of big stars like Superman and Batman, but to those of lesser known heroes too, like Green Arrow and the Suicide Squad.

However, for any new fan coming in (heck, even for a lot of existing comic fans), delving into the comics these characters came from can seem like a daunting task.

With thousands of issues spanning back across decades and decades, it can be difficult to know where to even start reading about your favourite character, let alone what their best stories are.

Now this isn’t even remotely close to being a compilation of all the best stories that DC has to offer, but think of it more as a list of essential reading. These are some of the best comics that have been written for DC, as well as some of their most important.

It’s a smorgasbord of titles from across the DC multiverse, designed to give you the highlights of what makes their heroes so great.


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