15 Emotional Comic Book Moments That Made Us Shed A Tear

1. Don€™'t Look Back Carl

Readers of Robert Kirkman€™'s The Walking Dead comic series will likely note that it'€™s unwise to become emotionally attached to any character because they will probably be murdered by a flesh-eating zombie, or worse, a rival gang leader in the post-apocalyptic universe.

So while it was shocking and devastating to watch Lori Grimes, wife of the series protagonist, Rick, and their baby Judith be murdered by one of the Governor€™'s henchmen in the final chapter of the €œPrison arc,€ the true tear-inducing moment took place after that™ ambush. By the end of Walking Dead #48, Rick, and his surviving son Carl are left all alone as the prison they once called home has been overrun by zombies. Carl, unaware of the death of his mother and sister, asks his father why they€™'re running away from the prison without Lori and Judith. Rick, unable to verbalise the tragedy that has befallen their family, can only tell his son, "€œDon'€™t look back".€

Again, it€'™s not the death of these characters itself that is inherently sad, but rather the fact that Kirkman has created this cruel world where a young boy is unable to appropriately mourn the loss of his mother and baby sister.

What tear-jerking comic book moments did we miss? Share your most emotional picks down in the comments.

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