15 Greatest Amazing Spider-Man Covers

You don't last that long without some seriously good art.

Marvel Comics

One of Marvel's most enduring comic book series of all time is The Amazing Spider-Man, which first debuted in March of 1963 and is still ongoing today. Other series featuring Marvel's most recognizable hero have come out over the years, but this one has best withstood the test of time.

Somewhat inevitably for a series that has run for so long, The Amazing Spider-Man has had some great covers.

Comic book covers serve two over-riding functions. They can be used to give potential readers information on the stories inside the book and they can show off the talent of the artist who worked on the book. In both cases, the agenda boils down to one single purpose: to capture attention.

Truly great covers are the ones that can grab that attention with a single, definitive image. If that cover can capture your excited attention - even without pre-existing knowledge of a larger story arc (or even of the character in the case of less established runs) - it has done its job. And that can easily be said of some of the exquisite covers features on the Amazing Spider-Man series since its inception.

And these are the very best...


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