15 Most Insanely Overpowered Superheroes In The Marvel Universe

They're immortal, God-like and they've gone too far.


They may not have been around for a long time - in comparative terms at least - but superheroes have reshaped the cultural landscape, cutting a swath through the last century, inspiring normal folk with acts of great power, great morality and great integrity. And for a while, they weren't all that extraordinary. Or at least they were recognisably anchored in humanity.

They were the best of what we all wanted to be: standing up to bullies, punching Hitler in the face, breaking out of awkward origins to blossom into great oaks... Their adventures were simple pleasures and they won victories through relatively simple powers.

But then the power-lust started and fans started calling for more and more outlandishly powerful characters. It was no longer good enough for supermen to lift cars, they had to rival the sun for power. The Hulk couldn't just be the strongest man, he had to be the strongest universal being...

And in a race to the moon, Marvel injected their heroes with some seriously strong controlled substances, turning mortals into Gods and basically writing a world where a hero was no longer impressive unless he could literally kick the sh*t out of a planet. Where will it end?

These are the 15 most ridiculously over-powered heroes in the Marvel universe...

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