25 Most Powerful Cosmic Entities In Marvel Comics

Who has the ultimate power in the Marvel universe?

When people make lists of the most powerful comic book characters, they generally tend to list the most well-known ones, like Superman, Thor, the Silver Surfer, Darkseid, Doomsday and Apocalypse - but this is so very, very wrong. Characters of that nature - the typical humanoid superheroes or villains - are comparatively nothing more than bugs to the truly powerful characters in comics. In fact, that's actually being generous, because bugs can at least be something of a nuisance - the likes of Superman and Thor wouldn't even register on the radar of the truly powerful characters, even if they gave it everything they had with regards to their offensive powers in an all-out attack on them. It is the cosmic entities, the creator beings, the abstract primal forces and the characters who represent the very concepts of reality that are truly powerful - so much so that mere mortals like us can barely perceive or comprehend just how much power they possess - and they are abundant across almost all comic book universes, not least the Marvel comic book universe. In this article, we're going to look at those from Marvel and attempt to list them in order of their power up to the ultimate power in that universe. Here are the twenty-five most powerful cosmic entities in Marvel comic books...

25. The Stranger

Born with the combined energy and intelligence of a race of beings who lived in the Andromeda Galaxy on the planet Gigantus, the stranger is a powerful cosmic entity who is predominantly a scientist and surveyor of worlds and who first visited Earth out of nothing more than curiosity. He possesses a number of esoteric abilities thanks to wielding the primordial power cosmic. These include the ability to channel and manipulate cosmic power on a vast cosmic scale with results that have included levitation, the creation of forcefields, the ability to alter his size and the ability to manipulate matter at the molecular level. He is also capable of light speed space travel, turning himself intangible, projecting powerful offensive blasts of energy and what essentially amounts to "assembling planets" using parts from other inhabited worlds from across the universe in order to do so. He is the owner of a "laboratory world", where he stores items and beings of interest and power (which he calls his "specimens" and keeps for personal study).
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