25 Hottest Cosplay Girls At Comic Con 2013

17. Sexy Tardis

Tardis Doctor Who represents a myriad of possibilities for costumes, and thanks to the limited production quality of some of them - particularly older episodes - they can be made using normal household garbage, poster paint and some PVA glue. But recent years have seen an odd development, as curious Cosplayers have sought to presonify and creatively objectify one of the characters in the show who has always traditionally stayed quiet, on account of being a police box. Props to the costume maker for her creativity in adopting a classical can-can look too - not seen enough in modern cosplay.

16. Witchblade

Witchblade They always say less is more, don't they. Well, Witchblade here proves once and for all what that phrase actually alludes to, as she completely upstages one of the Con's many fine Wolveriners. Despite the Top Cow comic's apparent commitment to feminism (empowered heroines, reductive parallel between masculinity and corruptibility and power,) Witchblade's two main heroines have always worn very little, and kicked a lot of tail. More power to them. And this cosplayer clearly took it to the next step, cutting down the already small amounts of material for an impressive look.
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