38 Hilarious Times Deadpool Broke The Fourth Wall

"Deadpool makes Spider-Man look like a bike cop."

When he isn't eating Chimichangas, chasing attractive super-heroines or piecing together his frequently dismantled body parts, Deadpool tends to be chatting to his fans. There aren't many comic book characters that are completely self-aware, but Deadpool's obsession with breaking kayfabe and referencing films, games and novels outside of the Marvel universe makes him undoubtedly the most extreme - and hilarious - example. Deadpool is one of the most hilarious creations that Marvel has ever produced, growing into a cult figure despite his initial role as a parody of DC's Deathstroke. He has starred in multiple series of graphic novels (some which have been incredibly self-conscious), featured in his own hugely popular and genuinely funny video game, and teamed up with everyone from Wolverine, to Hulk, to Domino, to Daredevil. With the trailer for the Ryan Reynolds-starring Deadpool film recently getting its first airing at Comic Con, now is the perfect time to go back over some of the funniest times that The Merc With A Mouth didn't just break the fourth wall, but instead smashed straight through it. Whether he's threatening to kill his readers, pulling out Street Fighter special moves, referencing back issues, mocking Batman or winding up Spider-Man, Wade Wilson always goes about his killing with a knowing wink to the reader. Often these are sly, witty digs by the comics' writers and illustrators, and they are always humorous and often pretty close-to-the-bone. Here are just 38 examples of Deadpool doing what no other comic book character is capable of: acknowledging that he is a fictional creation.

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