4 Awesome Comics You Must Read This Week (11 December)

Even if Nicolas Cage doesn't read them anymore, we sure do, so let's take a look at what you should be spending your money on this week.

Batman Skul In comics news this week, there are rumours that Khal Drogo himself, Jason Momoa, is going to be in Man of Steel 2 aka Batman Vs Superman, though there's no official word yet on his actual role. But with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman cast, and with rumours of the Flash also featuring, the movie looks more and more like the Justice League movie €“ and who better to fight the Justice League than one of their biggest foes, Darkseid? Momoa would make a great Darkseid or Martian Manhunter, either way I think he could definitely pull off a super-powerful alien character brilliantly. Bryan Singer, director of the forthcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, announced a sequel was already being prepped to his latest film, with the title revealed as X-Men: Apocalypse. Singer confirmed he would return as director and that the movie will feature the X-Men: First Class characters going up against arguably the most powerful mutant of them all, Apocalypse. Opinion is divided over whether he's a good character or not given that he's too powerful and that his powers seem to be endless €“ eternal life, shape-changing powers, healing factor, psychic abilities, super-strength, the list goes on €“ but he's definitely a more esoteric character than Magneto and the Hellfire Club, both of whom we've seen in previous movies. One of Brian Michael Bendis' earliest comics, Fire, looks set to be adapted into a film starring Zac Efron. The story is about a shy young college student who is approached by the government to take part in an experiment to turn an ordinary person into a secret agent. The movie, to be released by Universal Pictures, will be scripted by Jesse Wigutow, though no dates or other casting details have been released. More X-Men news as Wolverine and Gambit are confirmed as cameos in Peter David's All-New X-Factor, part of Marvel's second wave of Marvel NOW! titles called All-New Marvel NOW!, which will debut early next year. Also Sixth Gun writer Cullen Bunn is writing a new Magneto series illustrated by Astonishing X-Men artist Gabriel Hernandez. In Bunn's series, Magneto, currently part of Cyclops' mutant school in Uncanny X-Men, will go solo and deal with enemies of mutants himself with the tone of the series to be noir-ish, with Magneto in the role of the pulpy gumshoe! The title launches in March. Meanwhile, DC intend to start 2014 off with a bang with Detective Comics #27 being released in January, featuring artwork and stories from the greatest Batman creators as they celebrate the New 52 version of this special issue. As many Batman fans know, Batman originally debuted in Detective Comics #27 back in 1939 and since DC rebooted all of their titles back to #1 in 2011, they've been building back up to #27 in the New 52 Detective Comics series. However one of the big names to feature in #27, Frank Miller, has now been unexpectedly dropped at the last minute. Miller was originally going to draw a two-page spread in the issue before switching to a variant cover and now the author of The Dark Knight Returns won't feature at all. No reasons were given though it is disappointing for Batman fans that this seminal creator be left out of what is sure to be an amazing celebratory issue. Scott Snyder announced on Twitter that Batman #28 €“ originally planned as the finale to Zero Year: Dark City, the second Zero Year arc - would not be a Zero Year issue and will instead be set in the future, long after Zero Year completes. Regular series artist Greg Capullo would also take a break for this issue with Dustin Nguyen (Li'l Gotham) on art duties. Zero Year picks back up in Batman #29. Those are the comics news stories of the week, and even if Nicolas Cage doesn't read them anymore, we sure do, so let's take a look at the week's best comics!
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