5 Best & Worst Things About X-Men Comics

Being an X-Men fan isn't always easy, but some things make it all worthwhile.


The X-Men are one of Marvel’s most enduring franchises. For decades, they’ve been some of the bestselling comics around, throughout all the highs and the lows. In recent years though, it has seemed like more lows than highs, with the line stripped back to just a few core titles, filled with bleak stories about the mutant race once again on the brink of extinction thanks to the poisonous Terrigen cloud released by the Inhumans.

However, a brighter future seems to be on the horizon. Marvel have already detailed their plans following their next big event ‘Inhumans vs. X-Men’ and it points to a brighter future for mutant-kind including a marked increase in the number of X-books and a return to the X-Men being a core part of the Marvel universe.

The X-Men line is about to go through a radical transformation and nobody knows yet how it’s going to pan out. Ultimately, it’s for the fans to decide though so it’s time to look at some of the low points of following Marvel’s Merry Mutants and the highs that make reading about them so rewarding.


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