5 Best Captain Americas (Who Aren't Steve Rogers)

The First Avenger has one impressive legacy.

Marvel Comics

During his many decades using the mantle, Steve Rogers has managed to personify freedom (Secret Empire aside), ultimate frisbee and, of course, the art of looking good in a star-spangled costume.

However, you don't have to be a kid from Queens to wield the shield, and - over the years - many others have worn the stars and stripes of Captain America's costume, and have done a great job doing it.

Whether they originate from Marvel's main Earth-616 continuity, or have only visited it, these five are the best to have wielded the shield. (Excluding Steve himself, of course.)

5. Sam Wilson

Marvel Comics

Other than a certain season-themed-soldier, Sam really is the best choice when it comes to who should take up the mantle of Captain America... at least in this time period.

Wilson was selected by Steve Rogers after the effects of the super soldier serum were reversed, turning him into an old man, and though the former Falcon wasn't as popular as either of his predecessors, he was never a Hydra agent who took over the US and betrayed all of his friends and allies (that keeps coming up, doesn't it?).

Though Wilson's time wielding the shield was short-lived, it was pretty darn enjoyable, with the character acting in the same capacity as Rogers (as in an international ass-kicker), but also a slightly more friendly-neighborhood Cap, taking in the teenager Joaquin Torres after he was turned into a bird/human hybrid by the Sons Of The Serpent.


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