Greetings fellow nerds and welcome to a feature all about some of our favourite comic book babes. Those smart, sexy, ass kicking women with perfect bodies and personalities to boot. This is a piece for all those guys (and girls) out there with hidden agendas for buying the latest release from Marvel or DC each week, who care more about their favourite heroines latest skin tight outfit than they do her current trials and tribulations.

Yes, some people may find the idea of idolifying women to be repulsive and to those people we respectfully say please stop reading now – it’s only going to get worse.


5. Tank Girl

Tank Girl loves big guns. She is also the owner of a couple, if you catch our drift? She also loves Tanks, explosives and strange Kangaroo men. Sounds pretty hot right (except the bit about Kangaroos)? And she is! She has a perfect body, a killer personality and likes all the things you like (beer, rock music, fighting, farting etc) which makes her an absolute keeper in the girlfriend stakes. Perhaps her only flaw is she will definitely be more of a man than you are which may lead to an inferiority complex of sorts.

Unlike the other women in this list Tank Girl also appears naked in a few of her comics (as opposed to fan art) which is something the Marvel and DC babes we all love are seriously lacking.

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This article was first posted on August 3, 2012