5 Common Comic Book Questions With Obvious Answers

Just how exactly do the Hulk's pants stay on?


Comics are arguably the most versatile medium to date. There have been classic characters and infamous stories that deal with a variety of issues, ranging from the complex and socially relevant to the otherworldly and surreal.

As a result, this tends to spark dialogue among comics' diehard fans. Many have deepened their understanding of real world issues through the lens of comic panels, with the use of allegory and metaphor an intrinsic element of the superhero genre.

Dating back decades and even still today, fans still concern themselves with the Joker/Batman dynamic, the X-Men's symbolism, and arguments for and against superhero registration. Some questions we consider can never truly be answered with absolute certainty.

Others should be blatantly obvious. Maybe we've asked ourselves these things for so long we forgot they have objective answers. On the surface these questions could seem like tricky brainteasers and some are even presented as downright philosophical, but with a little extra consideration you realize the solutions are fairly simple. Some questions commonly posed by fans have definitive right or wrong answers and can be proven either through the citation of widely-known canon or simple scientific fact.


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