5 Totally Non-Essential Batman Stories You Should Check Out Anyway

Enjoy some lesser-known tales of the Dark Knight.

need to have in your life, but at least you€™ll have a great time if you do.

5. Batman Versus Predator

This is how you do a crossover. It reads like above-average fan-fiction, but it€™s such a wild ride of nerd-tastic badassery that you won€™t mind. Everyone€™s favourite extra-terrestrial big-game hunter arrives in Gotham City in search of worthy prey, and starts picking off the power-players of Gotham€™s underworld on both sides of a gangland feud. Of course, Batman is soon on the case of the mysterious slasher, only to discover that he€™s crossed paths with a brutal alien warrior of a far higher calibre than his usual quarry. Naturally, he€™s forced to up his game, as the Predator€™s reign of terror threatens to plunge all of Gotham into lethal chaos. Everything builds to a knock-down drag-out finale in which the Predator finally meets a human worthy of his skills. Best moment: Alfred going after the Predator with a Wayne family heirloom€the trusty blunderbuss.


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