5 Vampiric Marvel Comics Characters

Rumor has it that these guys really suck...

Marvel Comics

Vampires are a staple in classic horror and continue to inhabit all kinds of fiction in our modern day, even comics. Marvel Comics in particular have several vampiric characters ranging from the classic bloodsucking variety to artificially created vampires, and even beings that feed on energy in a distinctly vampiric fashion.

How did they get into the Marvel Comics Universe? From Atlantis, of course! The first vampires in the comic canon were created when some Atlantean sorcerers decided to try their hand at a little necromancy using a terribly powerful, ancient tome called the Darkhold.

As with most dabbling in sinister magics, this did not end well for the sorcerers as the cadavers they reanimated murdered them and became the beginnings of the vampire race on earth.

Regardless if a vampire is a descendant of the first to be conjured or not, they usually serve their own interests and are a thorn in the side of hero and villain alike. Whether Dracula is testing his mettle against Apocalypse or Blade is trying to murder Spider-Man's former employee Morbius, you can always find one of these living dead lurking around somewhere.


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