5 Writers Whose Work Was Shaped By Amazing Pre-Comics Careers

The secret origins of comic creators can be just as exciting as their colorful creations.

DC Comics/© Luigi Novi

As with most creative professions, comic creators come from a wide variety of backgrounds and previous forms of employment. Naturally, their past experiences will shape and inform their works. Not everyone can win the lottery of birth by being born a magical master of words and wizardry - not even Alan Moore or Grant Morrison (although the latter was making his own comics as a teenager).

The simple fact of the matter is that, before breaking into comics, the vast majority of creators had to work banal nine to five jobs.

Most of these pre-comic gigs were fairly uninteresting. There were a lot of internships, a lot of people working in comic shops or other forms of retail and a lot of people writing or illustrating in a non fictional capacity. While most of these creators have worked normal jobs like most readers, some of these creators have astonishing and unexpected pasts.

Subjects like a child who can hypnotize adult minds, an unassuming nerd spying on terrorists in the desert wastelands and a charismatic presenter who escapes death-defying bondage would all make for great comic book characters. It turns out they make for even better comic book creators.


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