50 Most Badass Women In Comics

2. Red Sonja


The barbarian princess of all our dreams, Red Sonja is what would happen if Princess Leia actually lifted and never took off that slaver garb from Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tatooine.

Goddess, queen…Sonja has gone by many titles but one thing that will always remain as essentially the female equivalent of Conan the Barbarian—she is one bad mutha no-one wants to trifle with. (Disclaimer: Red Sonja is not actually a mother, that last comment was for comedic effect).

It was upon Red Sonja that the character of the aforementioned Starfire was based, and it’s easy to see the similarities in their beautiful-but-bullish personas.

Sidenote: Watch out for updates on the upcoming Red Sonja movie, looking to capitalise on the success of this year’s Wonder Woman release.

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