50 Most Badass Women In Comics

1. Captain Marvel

Marvel Comics

So, who’s the baddest ass of the ball? No, wait…badassiest? Anyway, top of our list is Captain Marvel!

Carol Danvers has taken on many guises and debuted under her human name in 1968, but has since graced the pages under monikers like Ms. Marvel, Warbird, Binary and her current alias as the Captain Marvel, in itself a testament to just how highly she ranks among Marvel superheroes in general, not just the female variety.

Danvers was a badass pilot in the United States Air Force before an accident involving Kree technology imbued her with the power to do things like energy absorption on a massive scale, flying at near light-speed and of course super strength.

She’s gone toe-to-toe with some of the biggest villains in the Marvel universe and been an omnipresent figure in the Avengers’ toughest battles down the years, fully deserving of inheriting the Captain Marvel title.

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