50 Reasons Why Superman is The Greatest Superhero Ever

25. He Works Well With Others

Superman can be a leader and a follower as has been witnessed countless times. In Justice League we've seen him lead the team in to hell and find the capability to be a team member and take commands by others. Superman is hardly anti-social and most times can inspire many to work with him in bringing down evil and horrific menaces to the galaxy and the planet.

24. He Could Rule The World, But Doesn't

Superman was sent to Earth by accident. Even though in some versions he was sent to Earth knowingly, and in "Smallville" (ugh) he was sent there to rule the world (ugh), of the variations I've read, Superman was sent in to Earth, a primitive society when compared to Krypton and was endowed with god like abilities thanks to the yellow sun. And while he has all the power to rule this world if he so please, he chooses not to. He knows he has amazing power but he would rather use it to help humanity shape itself instead of decide that he is fit to rule for them.

23. He's Not Allowed To Change The Course of Human Events

I once had a major debate with someone about the ability of Superman to change the course of human events. "Why doesn't he just go down and grab Osama Bin Laden and bring him to jail?" Because Superman can't change the course of human events. He's not a God and he has no right to decide how wars and battles are ended or decided. He allows nature to take its course. Sure he can stop a moving car from mowing down a child, or he can thwart terrorists from robbing a bank, but when it comes to major wars or major events, he's simply only allowed to help, he can't change the environment.

22. He Held Mjolnir and Wielded Captain America's Shield

In JLA/Avengers, Superman was granted the shield of Captain America, and in the heat of battle, if only momentarily, was able to life Thor's sacred hammer Mjolnir and wield it in combat. Respect!

21. He Has His Own Festival

Every year Metropolis Illinois holds a much beloved and highly attended Superman celebration that draws and attracts many Superman fans and children alike and even hosts many actors and actresses from Superman related shows and media. The festival is so big it's even attracted the attention of President Obama.

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