6 Fighters That Need To Be In Injustice 2

It would be an Injustice if they weren't included.


Injustice 2 has been out for well over two months now, and we've already been treated to three extra characters (one of which has yet to be released) to bolster its roster. These include two fan-favourites that players have been clamouring for since Injustice: Gods Among Us was released way back in 2013, plus one obligatory Mortal Kombat cameo.

With six characters still to be announced, the hype train is slowly closing in on speculation station and the internet is rife with theories as to who could be revealed in the coming weeks. Although Red Hood and Starfire were two of the most requested characters to be featured in the game, the DC universe has dozens if not hundreds of suitable candidates that could fill those six remaining slots and chances are your favourite, sadly, won't be included.

It's also important to note that character select icons for all of the remaining fighters have been teased by NetherRealm both in trailers and in-game, and eagle-eyed viewers might be able to spot a few obvious choices among the selection. Of course that hasn't deterred anyone from throwing in their two cents on the matter, regardless of any evidence to the contrary, so here I am to do the same. Here's hoping nobody re-reads this article in three months time.

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