6 Times Comics Made Great Villains Terrible

6. Kraven's Return - Amazing Spider-Man #635

Kraven the Hunter Returns
Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has featured in some wonderful stories over the years, and one of the best is Kraven's Last Hunt - a storyline that saw the wiley Russian actually kill Spider-Man, and assume his role in an effort to prove he was the ultimate hunter.

It was a tremendous arc, and it ends with the character's death. Kraven kills himself on account of a job well done, and the wall-crawler is deprived of one of his greatest adversaries.

Deprived though he and the readership may have been of his presence, Kraven should've stayed dead. His return did admittedly take a while - a good decade actually - but when he returned, he did so in an almost feral way. Now, he was ruthless, cold to his family and ended up settling on the Savage Land after a thoroughly depressing resurrection. Talk about pointless or what?

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