7 Marvel Comic Events That Could Make Incredible Movies

First Civil War, then Age Of Apocalypse, what's next?

spider-man death at the hands of thanos
Marvel Comics

The company-wide event comic is a staple of Marvel. It can be used to clean the slate, tell a massive story, and do things that the individual comics cannot. These crossovers have represented some of the high and low points for the brand and while comic book fans have always been used to them, movie viewers are just starting to get a taste. Unsurprisingly, film executives have realized that even more so than individual comic arcs, event comics can make for great cinematic inspiration.

Their typically epic scale lends itself well to blockbuster filmmaking and with a few tweaks, it seems that any number of comic book events could make for good films. This year alone will see adaptations of two Marvel classics: Civil War and Age Of Apocalypse. Beyond that, it€™s likely that Infinity War will draw heavily from The Infinity Gauntlet down the road. In terms of the state of the studios that could adapt these stories, Marvel is an established brand and can afford to take more risks with its characters as it begins to phase out old leads in favour of new faces. Fox is in a similar position as it looks to pass the torch from one generation of X-Men to the next.

Regardless of the studio making the adaptation, they€™re all pulling from the same library, one which is crowded with crossovers, some good and some bad. Ignoring the filler, these are the arcs that Marvel, Fox, and Sony need to focus on adapting.

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