7 Marvel Romances That MCU Fans Don't Know About

6. Colleen Wing And Cyclops

Marvel Comics

After a working partnership with Iron Fist, which also converged frequently with Luke Cage and Misty Knight, The American Samurai: Colleen Wing made a fleeting stop over to X-Men World, were she briefly grabbed the attention of none other than Cyclops himself, Scott Summers.

This was during the Phoenix and Dark Pheonix sagas, when the laser-eyed Scotty was grieving over a supposedly dead Jean Grey, and Professor Xavier was no longer around to offer the right level of support.

Colleen's timely appearance at first seemed like the perfect distraction for Scott Summers. But for all of Miss Wing's intentions, Cyclops didn't seem to take the hint. Instead, during their brief dating excursion, Summers vented excessively about his own problems and insecurities, while Colleen listened to the best of her ability and patience.

The brief encounter ended with Colleen sending a letter to Cyclops offering one final opportunity of togetherness. But the notoriously rigid Summers failed to reciprocate and Colleen jumped on the next comic strip back towards the more like-minded shenanigans of Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Misty Knight.


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