7 Most Important Things We Still Haven't Seen In The X-Men Movies

7. Genosha

Realistically, there€™s no good reason why we haven€™t seen Genosha so far. Yes, it€™s a made up island that only exists in the MU (and mostly in the pages of X-Men at that) but Genosha is an integral location, and one that could offer huge story telling potential. If the X-Men is an allegory for the black rights movement then Genosha is an unblinking examination of apartheid. A prosperous island nation, Genosha€™s wealth and industry comes from a policy of identifying mutant children and forcing them into slavery for the state, eventually leading them so far as to alter the genetics of individual mutants to suit labour shortages. Needless to say the X-Men and the mutant population of the larger world don€™t take too kindly to subjugation and regime change is soon on the table, with Magneto eventually emerging as the leader of a new mutant state. There are a few civil wars that crop up here and there, but for the most part the new ruler kept the trains running on time until one battle too many left the island a deserted husk. To tackle Genosha, the idea of regime change and independent states would certain take the X-Men into more topical territory than it€™s dared play with before. Then again the X-Men have never shied away from social issues and that€™s a big part of why their popularity has endured. Besides, who doesn€™t want to see Magneto running his own private island resort?

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