7 Tiny Details From Comic Book Movies Only True Fans Noticed

7. Ant-Man Hitches A Ride - Captain America: Civil War

Hawkeye Ant Man
Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War is a fantastic film, and potentially even the MCU's greatest. The fact it accomplished this feat by taking inspiration from the demonstrably woeful Civil War comic is even more impressive, and though the film does indeed pay homage to Steve McNiven's work on that book (the final fight between Cap and Iron Man specifically), it's another shot that turned out to be the most fan-pleasing of all.

To many, the film's airport sequence is considered the crowning achievement of the Russo bros' filmography. It's stunning, and while it may perhaps struggle with a jarring switch in tone, the fact it juggles so many confrontations together is impressive in itself.

Ant-man Hawkeye
Marvel Comics

And though this was still Cap's movie, it was another hero who ended up stealing the show towards the end of the film's second act. Ant-Man gets up to so much in the sequence, between messing with Stark's suit and throwing War Machine around like a ragdoll as Giant-Man, so he's justified to feel chagrinned that Tony didn't notice him on the raft. That aside, it's the first attack he mounts on Iron Man that got True Believers everywhere particularly giddy, with Ant-Man riding Hawkeye's arrow the feature of a famous cover from a classic Avengers comic.

Emblazoned across the front of Avengers #223 with the tagline "somebody's gonna get it", "Of Roundabouts and Rustabouts" featured the duo teaming up to combat the villainous Taskmaster, who'd recently taken over the carnival where Barton once performed. Ant-Man hops aboard Hawkeye's arrow during the climactic battle, and though the intended target wasn't Tony Stark, it was iconic enough to warrant a callback in the third Captain America film.

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