8 Alternative Wolverine Movie Costumes We Wish We Could've Seen

Who knew Wolverine could be so sharp?


Well, that's it. After his incredible 17-year tenure as the cigar-chomping, mutton-chopped Wolverine, it looks like Hugh Jackman is finally hanging up the claws for good. With the release of Logan this week, fans are rejoicing and lamenting the arrival of Logan's final outing in equal measure.

While early reviews for the film have been almost universally positive, there's also a tangible sense of sadness surrounding Jackman's departure from the role; a sentiment I'm sure the movie will capitalise on.

Over the years Jackman has managed to make the role entirely his own; in fact the Wolverine we see on screen is actually quite different to his comic-book counterpart. From his tall, imposing stature (comic-book Logan is only 5'3") to his magnetic charisma (Wolverine is traditionally a caustic, feral animal with BO) there's still a lot of uncharted territory for Jackman's character.

It's very odd, for instance, that after 17 years of movies we've yet to see Wolverine don some of his most beloved (and often straight up weird) costumes. From his 'edgy' 2000's all-leather ensemble to his simplistic white tank and jeans, the movies have done a pretty impressive job steering clear of any of Logan's iconic looks, perhaps out of fear of looking corny.

And that's a real shame, given what we could have seen Jackman wear...


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