8 Awesome Alan Moore Moments That We Didn't Get To See On Film

3. Mr Hyde Raping And Murdering The Invisible Man - The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The LXG graphic novels are not afraid to portray their famous characters in a negative light. Quatermain is a drug-addict, Mr Hyde is a violent murderer, and Mina has a dark past that is always causing her to look over her shoulder. When we first meet The Invisible Man, Hawley Griffin, he is raping girls at a London school, with the assaulted girls believing that they are being taken by the "Holy Spirit." In the second volume of LXG, Griffin; fearing that the Martians will take over earth, decides to ally with them to save his own skin. He assaults Mina, steals the military's plans of attacks, and then informs the Martians that they have to do something to stop the Nautilus. Later on in the story, Griffin is confronted by Mr Hyde, who reveals that he has been able to see Griffin despite his invisibility the whole time, as he is able to see in infrared. Mr Hyde then brutally beats and rapes the terrified Griffin, leaving him to die in anguish while he goes to eat dinner with Captain Nemo. When Griffin passes away his blood stains (now visible) appear across Hyde's shirt, prompting an enraged Nemo to try and kill him for his atrocities. Whilst incredibly violent, the scene represents karma finally catching up with Griffin, and does a great job of showing just how fractured the relationships between all the fantastic characters of the LXG are. Hyde also expresses remorse for his actions later in the graphic novel, and takes it upon himself to hold back the Martians in a heart-breaking climax.

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