8 Best Friendships In DC Comics

The OG Super-Friends.

DC Comics/Darwyn Cooke

We've already explored the super-friends of Marvel comics, though now it's time we go to the other side and have a look at what their biggest competitor has up their sleeve.

Marvel's offerings may now be much more publicised due to the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet, though the comparatively mediocre films of DC may not be as nearly as popular, the friendships seen across their comics, TV shows and animation prove how their characters can be as excellent as, if not better than, the house of ideas' line-up.

All throughout its eighty-four year history, DC has had a strong history of dynamic duos, but while the like of Batman and Robin may be family, we're talking more about peers, such as the Bat's other famously frequent teamer-uper (and on occasion complete enemy), Superman, the two having been teaming up as the world's finest duo since the comic published during the second world war.

But, we'll get back to them later, there are plenty more beautiful friendships than the one between DC's two biggest icons, so, let's take a look...


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