8 Biggest Things To Come Out Of Doomsday Clock #1

1. Superman Has His First Nightmare

DC Comics

Doomsday Clock's first issue was always going to end on an ambiguous note, but things don't get any more ominous than giving Superman a nightmare of his own to deal with.

I'm not brave enough to wade into the character's bibliography to actually discern whether or not he has had a nightmare, but that's a pretty big revelation if it's true. It certainly seems as though Superman has alerted to the presence of Manhattan, even if he himself doesn't know it yet, and that's dead interesting.

If the two are tied together in some way, and Manhattan is on New Earth, then we could be in for the match up of the century.

Or rather, a great exchange of dialogue. Johns has spoken at length at how he doesn't want this new book to be a fist-fight between Moore and DC's characters, and who greater to stoke the battle of ideas than Supes himself? There aren't many as powerful as he in the DCU, and with no one coming close to Manhattan in Watchmen's world, it's a match that should, in theory, be made in heaven.

Doomsday Clock #2 releases December 27. Are you excited for the next issue? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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