8 Biggest Things To Come Out Of Doomsday Clock #2

1. The Comedian Is Back

DC Comics

As stated before, the iconic first meeting between Ozymandias and Lex Luthor was cut short by an unexpected guest. Before Luthor could give an answer to Veidt's proposition, a bullet came flying through the room, just missing Veidt's head and hitting Luthor in the chest, leaving his fate up in the air.

Ozymandias braces himself for action, but his look of anger soon turns to one of sheer disbelief, as he realizes that the bullet was fired by none other than the Comedian, who claims that the last time the two faced off (in Chapter I of Watchmen), Veidt had caught him drunk and off his guard. This time, however, he was ready for a proper fight.

In many ways, this is the perfect cliffhanger.

It ended the book on an incredibly shocking moment that very few can say they saw coming, and creates yet another conflict for the upcoming issues. Plus, Doomsday Clock #2 leaves us with the burning questions of how exactly the notoriously foul Edward Blake is not only alive, but also how he managed to find his way to New Earth.

These questions will definitely keep readers on the edge of their seats as we await issue #3, which is set to be released towards the end of January.

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