8 Great Perks They Should Keep For NYCC 2018

Sometimes people deserve to have their fandom rewarded.

DC Comics

Among the dazzling displays of cars covered in Marvel superhero graphics and cosplayers channeling their inner Rey or Luke, thousands of New York Comic Con fans trickled into the Javits Center this year.

However, the organizers who roped in appearances from multiple Star Wars actors gave their most recent attendees new hope with several fresh ideas. They listened to complaints from prior years, altered certain elements for the better, and utilized the advantages of modern technology. Attractive opportunities opened up months ahead of the event. Customers not only reaped the rewards from the convention's entertaining content but also profited from the creators' ingenuity.

It's no wonder that a record two hundred thousand people ventured into New York Comic Con 2017. The full panels and overflowing show floor were proof enough that NYCC's popularity continues to skyrocket. As 2018 approaches, expectations are even higher.

Judging by the impressive crowd, the differences within the 2017 convention made a huge difference. The perks were tailored to the fans, with both their wants and wallets in mind. ReedPop devised great ways to exhibit how invested they were in cultivating memorable experiences for pop culture enthusiasts.

While it's not easy to please everyone from costumed Ghostbusters to Deadpools, the latest changes should stick around and bring back fans to next year's Con.


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