8 Greatest Punisher Crossover Stories

1. Devil By The Horns (2000) Daredevil & The Punisher

Marvel Comics

It is one of Punisher’s greatest confrontations. Ma Gnucci, head of the Gnucci crime family, hires Matt Murdock to defend her son Dino. Castle believes Murdock is a good enough lawyer to get Dino off the hook, something that Punisher cannot let happen.

Knowing he is more dangerous out of jail, Frank watches the trail from a distance, and aims a sniper rifle at Dino. He is interrupted by Daredevil, completely unaware that the hero is really Gnucci’s lawyer, Matt Murdock. Daredevil explains that the Gnucci family will fall, but only to the righteousness of law and, after slugging it out, Punisher disorients Matt before knocking him unconscious.

When Daredevil awakens he is handcuffed to a beam with a handgun taped to his hand. Punisher explains that he still plans to shoot Dino, and that all Matt has to do to stop him is shoot him. Matt, caught between saving and taking a life, regretfully points the gun at Frank, and pulls the trigger.

However, the gun doesn’t go off. Frank made sure that it never had a firing pin. Punisher then tells Murdock to leave the killing to him, and knocks him out, ending the first of many iconic exchanges between the pair.

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