8 Incredible Creators That Changed Comics Forever

It's not just all about Stan Lee...

The Spirit read Eisner
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Superhero comics are the choice of entertainment these days. The medium dominates both on the screen and off it, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading the charge in cinema and on TV.

You could say that comic books are literally a modern Marvel, with most of Marvel and DC's library boasting a household appeal. We can attribute that success to a whole bunch of people - writers, artists, editors and more - who've managed to leave their own indelible impact on popular culture throughout their careers.

While the medium itself has its many milestones to boast, there are certain creators out there who are yet to receive the attention they deserve; in some cases their contributions have been stricken off the record, marginalised or worse, and while publishers have made efforts in recent years to acknowledge those contributions, progress has all too often been slow to advance.

Still, that doesn't mean we readers can't appreciate those visionaries when the occasion calls for it, and with Marvel Legacy setting its sites firmly on the past with its homages to classic Marvel literature, the occasion - most definitely - calls for it.

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