8 Insane Times Comic Villains Took Up A Hero's Mantle

1. Norman Osborne's Dark Avengers

Marvel Comics

When the shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls used their abilities to impersonate members of the Avengers, the entire world was put on notice.

The Marvel Universe became engulfed in a witch-hunt as superheroes lost the ability to trust one another, in fear that their comrades might be aliens in disguise. Once the Skrull Queen is found, it is Norman Osborne who delivers the killing blow, ending the secret invasion once and for all.

Although he spent many years as the Green Goblin, Norman was now treated as a national hero, and given Tony Stark’s reigns in the Avengers. Seeing the previous team as untrustworthy, Norman is allowed to assemble his own Avengers - one distinctly more villainous than its previous incarnation.

Using villains to fill familiar roles on the team, Osborne reinvented Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He chose to merge Iron Man and Captain America’s role into one, becoming the Iron Patriot and leader of the Dark Avengers. He recruited villains Moonstone and Venom, to play Spider-Man and Ms Marvel. He allowed Ares to be his Thor, Daken played Wolverine, and Bulleye became his Hawkeye.

With the erratic and unpredictable Sentry as his proverbial watchdog, Norman’s Dark Avengers took being bad to a new level.

Are there any other villains who took over as a hero? Be sure to share them in the comments below!

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