8 Reasons Why A Joker & Harley Quinn Movie Is A Terrible Idea

8. Jared Leto Isn't A Good Joker

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As much talent as Leto has, he just doesn't make for a compelling Clown Prince. That laugh (you know the one), where he makes the Joker sound like a creaky door, isn't threatening, and where do we even start with the whole aesthetic?

Look, if your lead's performance is somehow that unconvincing that you need to ink them with their character's personality traits then really, it's time to call it quits. It's understandable that Ayer and co. wanted to make their Joker unique, but it's a case of too much; everything about this character's appearance has been meticulously prepared, and, while the Joker is certainly prone to theatrics, the neatness of his appearance here feels almost antithetical to the character's chaotic vibe.

Sure, it might have an Oscar to boast, but this particular Joker is just way too over the top.

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