8 Reasons Why Secret Empire Didn't Work

8. It Didn't Change Anything

Marvel Comics

Just what was the change that this event brought?

Normally, when a Marvel event comes around, it promises us that 'nothing will ever be the same again'. And certainly, sometimes, the status quo of Marvel is changed up. Rarely for good, usually things will eventually revert, but you will get some sweeping changes afterwards.

Civil War led to the Superhuman Registration Act and the Initiative happening for a while, Secret Invasion led to Dark Reign and so on.

Secret Empire hasn't really changed a thing. Although Marvel is going into its new Marvel Legacy publishing plan come September, it's hard to say that this is connected to any changes brought about in the Marvel heroes.

Certainly, the final issue of Secret Empire tried to suggest that the heroes were renewed in purpose, but frankly, if they weren't committed to the purpose of fighting Nazism wherever it raises its ugly head in the first place, then they weren't heroes to begin with.

So in Secret Empire's case, prior to the event, the Marvel heroes wanted to fight evil and Hydra... and after the event they want to fight evil and Hydra. It's literally unchanged, bar a few major character deaths and the destruction of a US city and millions of inhabitants (though they kinda glossed over that, and in another Marvel book the city seems completely unharmed).


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