8 Reasons Why The Marvel Legacy Return Is Nothing To Be Excited About

8. We've Been Here Before

Marvel Comics

This is not the first time this character has done the death and return dance.

Wolverine has been killed off and come back before. Nearly every time it's a bait and switch, or a convoluted 'every time Wolverine dies he actually fights a death god in the afterlife and winds up coming back to life' plot (yes, this was most definitely a thing).

So when Wolverine died three or so years ago in the aptly titled The Death of Wolverine, everyone knew it wouldn't last.

His return now, set up as the big moment of Marvel Legacy #1, left fans feeling let down. We all knew he'd come back eventually, but we thought this return would be someone else, someone unexpected.

The return of the hirsute, diminutive Canadian berserker was far from a surprise.


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