8 Star Wars Expanded Universe Changes That Were Completely Justified

You think The Last Jedi treated Luke wrong? You haven't seen anything yet.

Old Luke New Luke

Of all the beloved childhood properties to have changed since the turn of the century, the most emotionally contested has to be Star Wars. Whether it's changes to the Original Trilogy, a divisive story or - the subject of this article - alterations to the Expanded Universe, the galaxy far, far away has often been at the epicentre of online debate.

Passions always tend to run high when it comes to the EU, which was expunged from the official Star Wars continuity in 2014, at which point it was then relegated to the 'Legends' bracket.

It was an essential move, and though there have been some unfortunate casualties (The Old Republic and Kyle Katarn the two most notable examples), it's fair to say that the new EU is tighter, more compelling, and altogether just better than the old mythology.

But what changes, instigated since the old continuity vanished, have worked the best? With cloned Emperors, weird Sith apprentices and dozens of awkward depictions to go by, here are the moments from the new EU canon that changed Star Wars for the better.

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