8 Superhero Movie Concept Designs Better Than We Actually Got

Actual COLOUR in our X-Men costumes? Get out of town!


Though it's not especially true these days, there was a time when fans used to rue over what could've been when it comes to comic book films. On countless occasions, the expectations were constantly let down, particularly when - during the early 2000s - superhero movies lacked any of the colour that made the source material so enjoyable to begin with.

This was particularly apparent when it came to wardrobe, with heroes and villains alike ditching classic comic book fare for dark greys and blacks. It was a contrast best exemplified in Bryan Singer's X-Men movies, which, seemingly not content in wasting many of the comic's characters to begin with, had to make everything just that little bit less colourful too.

We'll ignore the many behind the scenes permutations that birthed the Marvel Cinematic Universe's designs as it's already been covered elsewhere. Either way, the contrast is far greater between the concept art for these older comic book films and what eventually made it on the screen, illustrating that - along the way - something seriously went wrong.

With Batmen, Spider-Men and Daredevils aplenty, here are the designs that should never have been left on the cutting room floor.

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