8 Things Watchmen TV Show Must Do Differently To Zack Snyder's Film

8. Make It Non-Linear

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While yes, there were certain elements in the Watchmen film that involved flashback, the TV show should be looking to use the feature far more emphatically.

There are two ideas that would make a whole lot of sense for a TV show deviating from the source material and adaptions gone by: one is to follow the autobiography of Hollis Mason - Under the Hood; and the other is to follow Rorschach's journal. Both methods entail a non-linear narrative, and again, both offer two very contrasting concepts for a TV show to follow.

The former would very much be rooted in the 1940s, and would follow Mason as he writes his autobiography during the Cold War period the bulk of Moore's text is actually set in. The latter would obviously adhere more directly to the main narrative of Watchmen, but would provide a different way of viewing the story, through the notes of Walter Kovacs' journal.

Although there is a chance that doing so would ruin the ambiguity of Watchmen's ending (the whole point is that we'll never know if his journal gets printed, or even then, if anyone will believe him if it does), it presents a better alternative than to simply follow the original script with only marginal alterations to the material itself.

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