8 Watchmen Characters Based On Charlton Comics

8. Mime & Marionette / Punch & Jewelee

DC Comics

It’s important when writing a sequel, that you not expand upon its mythology. Geoff Johns did just that when he took on the unbelievable task of writing Doomsday Clock. His work on the book fits the Watchmen universe, and in Issue #1 he adds more members to Moore's menagerie, with the inclusion of criminal couple Marionette and Mime.

Not much is known about the deranged couple, other than the fact that they are dangerous, fiercely loyal to one another, and have a son together. Whether it is ripping throats out with their bare teeth, or working as hired help for Ozymandias, this couple truly an enigmatic addition to the mythos.

While some may have seen Mime and Marionette as doppelgangers to DC’s Joker and Harley Quinn, Geoff John’s is actually paying homage to Alan Moore by modeling the couple after Charlton characters Punch and Jewelee.

Punch and Jewlee first appeared in under the Charlton Comics banner in 1967 in the pages of Captain Atom #85. They were high school sweethearts who turned to a life a crime after years of performing in the circus. When it comes to crime they are also a devoted, unpredictable, very dangerous duo.

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