8 Ways DC And Marvel Make It Impossible For Fans To Read Their Comics

8. Old Classics Go Out Of Print Way Too Quickly

The Question Dennis O'Neil Denys Cowan DC Comics
Denys Cowan/DC Comics

A trend that has, thankfully, somewhat subsided in recent years, it must be said that both DC and Marvel aren't the best when it comes to preserving some of their more iconic storylines.

Granted, you'll never have to worry about Batman, Spider-Man or Daredevil having their greatest hits collect dust in a decade-old printing, but for other characters (like The Question), it's a very real possibility that their best stories will remain out of reach for the general public, locked behind extortionate listings on eBay and the odd tattered back-issue here and there.

Though Dennis O'Neil's series has yet to get a second running as either a hardcover or a trade-paperback, it is true that DC have been making an effort to bring their classics to a wider audience. Fans can now comfortably get their mitts on Neal Adams' stint on Deadman, and even Mike Grell's critically acclaimed albeit controversial take on Green Arrow has been given another go at print, with the creator's work on 'The Brave and the Bold' being the only notable absence to speak of.

Though there's still a way to go in bringing back some of the medium's most definitive books to store shelves - particularly so in Marvel's case - it is true that things are starting to improve. Slightly.

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