8 Ways The Marvel Cinematic Universe Has Ruined Marvel Comics

Art imitates art. Art ruins art.

In recent years, Marvel has begun to alienate their most loyal fans as they look to grab the attention of the casual readers who get to know their characters through the movies. As a publisher, they're doing a lot wrong right now, but perhaps the most infuriating thing they're guilty of is the way they've allowed the big screen adventures of their characters to vastly change the comic book universe. Despite obviously being part of the same company, it's important to note that Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios are very separate. Kevin Feige isn't calling the shots on The Avengers each month any more than Editor in Chief Axel Alonso is dictating what should happen in Captain America: Civil War. However, seeking to capitalise on the success of all those Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, the comic book division is constantly ripping off their ideas and bringing them into the classic Marvel Universe. While you can't blame them for wanting to make the comics more inviting to newbies, many of the changes they've made over the years have become as infuriating as their never ending stream of new #1 issues! These are the eight most significant examples of the many ways the MCU has forever changed the comics. These are all as infuriating as they are baffling, and with Marvel making so many of their characters poor imitations of their big screen counterparts, it's really no wonder that DC Comics has started creeping up the sales charts each month...

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