9 Best Comic Book Insults Ever

Alfred - 1. Batman - 0.

Marvel Comics

Superhero Comics, working with far less than film or animation, have always had to rely solely on their artwork and dialogue to sell a story or character. The moving image has flexible cinematography as well as a soundtrack and layers of sound design to aid the image and dialogue, but comic books have always been a matter of the art in the panel, and the dialogue in the bubbles.

These limitations in character building have, as you would expect, led to comic books producing hundreds-upon-hundreds of one-liners and quips - the likes of which have been lifted to infamous standing for their ridiculousness.

For an industry that has built some of the most iconic fictional characters in history off of the back of their burns, zingers and dress-downs, every comic fan (no matter how devoted or casual) has their personal favourite insult that has uttered over the last eighty years worth of funny books.

9. Aquaman's Interview: "How's It Feel..."

DC Comics

Poor Aquaman. Poor, poor Aquaman.

Despite DC's recent Aquaman books being fixated on making the King of Atlantis as badass as possible, his cartoonish turn in the Super Friends cartoon of the 1970s has seemingly doomed him to an existence of being 'that guy who talks to fish.'

A summary that has evolved into a running gag with the character, Aquaman's public identity as a laughable, useless superhero has followed him from Family Guy spoofs to his own big-screen debut, which is perhaps why this thinly veiled insult of Aquaman's popularity both in-universe and on a more meta level just feels so, so scathing.

A low blow concerning Aquaman's long-standing ridicule, a blogger simply asking "how's it feel to be nobody's favourite super-hero?" was as hilarious to comic readers as it was apparently infuriating to Aquaman himself.


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