9 Better Villains Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Should Have Used

Why can't the MCU ever give us a worthwhile villain that isn't played by Tom Hiddleston?

Guardians of the Galaxy took many people by surprise when it blasted its way into cinemas, turning a lesser-known Marvel comic into one of their most popular movies so far. It’s not hard to see the appeal, there’s absolutely nothing unenjoyable about watching this motley crew of space pirates reluctantly saving the universe.

While most people will have been distracted by spending the interim wondering what the track list of Awesome Mix Vol. 2 will be, the creative team have done something quite sneaky. They’ve decided to pit the team against one of the least interesting characters they could possibly think of, a gold plated sorcerous called Ayesha.

Marvel Studios

In the comics, she is known variously as Her, Paragon and She Who Must Be Obeyed amongst a few other typically daft aliases but while her ever-changing nom de guerre may hint at some intrigue – there’s very little to be found. Unless of course you count her constantly (and unsuccessfully) trying to mate with suitably powerful heroes… hooray progressive female characters!

James Gunn has earned fans trust with the first instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy and, of course, there’s hope that he has something interesting planned for this seemingly uninspiring villain.

If not there's no excuse, it’s not like he didn’t have enough badass antagonists to choose from...


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