9 Female Marvel Heroes Who Desperately Deserve An MCU Movie

8. Kate Bishop

Hawkeye Kate Bishop
Marvel Comics

Kate Bishop is the best Hawkeye you've probably never heard of, and one that deserves a film precisely for that reason.

While a Hawkeye Netflix series that paired Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton with Kate would be an amazing (if unlikely) thing to see, Bishop herself is more than capable of running things on her own. She's been the star of Marvel's main Hawkeye title for a few years now (a must-read book by Kelly Thompson), and while Renner's Barton is only really coming into his own now - six years later than he should have - it's time to pass the mantle to Kate.

Young, resourceful, and with a kickass sense of humour to boot, any Hawkeye feature with Kate in the lead would make for a surefire way of diversifying the MCU and, more importantly, providing a further way of establishing a new phase in the franchise.

Netflix or not, Kate needs to be in the MCU, especially if Clint is embarking on a change of wardrobe.

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