9 Major Marvel Movie Events That Could Follow Avengers: Infinity War

Where next for the Avengers and co?


War is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it promises to be forever changed when the dust from the battle has settled.

Infinity War will mark the end of a decade's worth of comic book-inspired storytelling and finally pit the superhero team and its allies against the Mad Titan Thanos, a battle that has been teased since the original Avengers post-credits scene.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has hinted that Infinity War and its sequel will not only bring the curtain down on the MCU's Phase 3, but mark the end of Phases entirely, so it looks like the series landscape is about to undergo a dramatic shift.

Whatever the MCU of the future happens to look like, one thing is for certain: Marvel Studios will continue to bring epic tales of superheroism to the big screen, and the comic book vault at the House of M is chock full of source material ripe for adaptation.

Somewhat unfortunately for Marvel, they're going to have to raise the stakes even more in the wake of Thanos' big show, because that film's success will raise the bar considerably.

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