9 Most Shocking Betrayals In Marvel History

"Hail Hydra."

Marvel Comics

Being a Superhero is a dangerous enough profession as it is. Having to fight off hordes of alien invasions or throwing down with some of the toughest villains to ever walk the earth means it's no picnic if you decide to put on a cape or pick up a shield.

But what happens when you can't see the threat that's coming at you? What happens when you turn your back, only to find a knife sticking out of it?

Betrayal and comic books go hand in hand and they have always had varying degrees of success. When they're done badly they just seem like a cheap cash in, or something that was done to generate interest in a flagging title. When they're done right, however, they can leave the reader gob smacked and desperate to find out what happens next. Over it's 72 year history, Marvel has had more than its fair share.

What follows is a look at the times Marvel have left jaws on the floor and hearts broken, as some of their most iconic characters have turned their backs on their closest friends.


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